Frequently Asked Questions

What is UltraPrep™?

ULTRAPREP™ is an extremity containment barrier for the application of liquid medications. Follow medication labeling guidelines when using ULTRAPREP™.

1. Is ULTRAPREP™ FDA Approved?

ULTRAPREP™ is FDA registered as a Class 1 Exempt medical device.


2. How is ULTRAPREP™ used?

Follow device label Instructions for use of ULTRAPREP™.


3. What comes in an ULTRAPREP™ Kit?

ULTRAPREP™ Kits include one each: ULTRAPREP™ device, non-sterile absorbent pad, non-sterile absorbent towel, and an 8 oz drain bottle with tapered top that connects to the drain tube.


4. Is debridement possible with ULTRAPREP™?

ULTRAPREP™ devices have internal texturing for light skin debridement.


5. What clinical studies have been conducted with ULTRAPREP™?

Two successful efficacy trials have been conducted with ULTRAPREP™ including one on 114 patients. Other trials are ongoing.


6. What liquid medications can be used with ULTRAPREP™?

ULTRAPREP™ is a container for application of on-label FDA-approved liquid medication as deemed appropriate by a licensed healthcare provider.


7. Does ULTRAPREP™ completely seal around the patient’s extremity?

ULTRAPREP™ elastomer and adhesive cuffs are designed to prevent leakage. However, leakage is possible. Absorbent pads and towels included in the ULTRAPREP™ kit are provided to assist with management of minor spills.


8. How many times may an ULTRAPREP™ device be used?

ULTRAPREP™ is a single use, disposable device.


9. What are shipping options and product lead times?

We currently use Fed Ex and UPS for shipping. Expedited shipping options are available, subject to product availability. We anticipate a high demand for these devices and are working diligently with our manufacturers to ramp up production during the current global pandemic.

Prep Tech will notify the purchaser with an estimated delivery date if longer than 4-6 weeks. If express shipment is requested at the time of purchase, units will still be sent with those requested options once devices are in stock. Please note however that items may NOT be received next day or two-days from the time of ordering.


10. Is ULTRAPREP™ Patented?

Yes. Prep Tech has six (6) issued Utility Patents and others pending for a variety of engineered designs and functions.


11. Is ULTRAPREP™ available outside the US?

Please contact us for details and options.


12. How can I become a reseller for Prep Tech devices?

Please contact us to explore options.