ULTRAPREP™ Increases Hospital Efficiencies

About Prep Tech, LLC

Prep Tech has been issued four US Utility Patents with others pending on pre-FDA approved, sterile, elongated bag-like medical devices used preoperatively and postoperatively for skin antisepsis. Antiseptics and other drugs or first-aid dressings are contained within the devices and isolated from the external environment. SHORT VIDEO LINK

Trademarked as ULTRAPREP™, the product line has demonstrated promising results from a first clinical trial including reduced overall operating room time and equivalent efficacy as current preoperative skin preparation methods. Subsequent trials should authenticate measurable cost savings while increasing efficiencies and improving patient care.


Prep Tech has applied to the FDA for ULTRAPREP™ as a Class 2 medical device. Upon approval, the product line will be manufactured by a US based company with decades of successful medical device development and sales. Patents allow for many features including internal texturing for light debridement plus a variety of sizes, cuffs, ports, and lateral openings. Prep Tech plans to commercialize multiple product SKU’s and kits for specific uses including preoperative and postoperative procedures, military field care, home health and EMS wound care.

2018 Efficacy and Efficiency Clinical Trial - PROVEN SUCCESS! 

Surgeons operating on upper and lower extremities at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital were selected to participate in this study on 114 adult patients undergoing elective surgeries. Consenting patients were randomized into control (Conventional skin preparation technique) and treatment (use of ULTRAPREP skin preparation technique) groups. Culture swabs were obtained from the surgical site before and after the conventional and treatment group skin preparation technique was performed. CFU were documented at 48 hours and 72 hours. Patient blood pressures were documented as well as multiple time values to calculate patient preparation time after entering the OR.


We proved equivalent efficacy as standard skin preparation methods plus overall savings in skin preparation time of 6 minutes per surgery in the first cases and 8+ minutes in the latter surgeries. In some cases that was a 10-20% overall surgical time savings! 


Next Clinical Trial

The goal of a second clinical study will be to look more closely at the specific hospital efficiency increases while also measuring hard cost savings and other critical hospital KPI’s.

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