ULTRAPREP™ Increases Hospital Efficiencies


Prep Tech LLC, a Louisiana-based Company, has been issued six US Utility Patents with others pending on devices still under development, and currently unavailable for sale in the United States nor abroad. 

ULTRAPREP™ devices have the potential to become an effective product to aid in skin antisepsis and wound healing. Prep Tech plans to provide ULTRAPREP™ as sterile, low density polyethylene (LDPE), single-use, disposable products permitting the introduction of various liquids and/or first-aid medications as dictated by medical professionals.  ULTRAPREP™ is intended to provide a moist healing environment and to allow light debridement to facilitate the normal wound healing process.

About Prep Tech, LLC
Prep Tech is a Louisiana based company with a robust leadership team of experts in the medical community including a PhD Biomedical Engineer/Neurosurgeon, CRNA, Nuclear Pharmacist, Plastics Manufacturer, Orthopedic Surgeons, Patent Attorneys, FDA Consultants and other Product Commercialization Professionals. 

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