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Covid 19 UPDATE - Prep Tech Disposable Isolette

When the Covid 19 virus outbreak started, Mark Moore a Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) for over 30 years and CEO of Prep Tech, knew that he and his colleagues would be at a great risk of catching and spreading the virus because they work inches away from potentially infected patients. Concerned about being contaminated at work during the threat of mask shortages, one of his friends found a Boston Hospital VIDEO showing a clear plexiglass “aerosol box” designed in Taiwan by Dr. Lai Hsien-yung. The box creates a physical barrier between healthcare workers and patients. Mark and a friend immediately made one.
Picture of Mark and a friend with homemade “aerosol box”

Mark’s hospital is now using several aerosol boxed for surgeries. End users found that the rigidity of the thick plexiglass caused limited mobility while intubating patients. An April 3, 2020 article in the NEJM agreed with their experience, “we found that the box restricted hand movement and would require training before use in the treatment of patients. Operators should be ready to abandon use of the box should airway management prove difficult”.

Knowing caregivers needed something more flexible, Prep Tech has created a series of prototypes since March 2020. Novel ongoing patent-pending features/claims including airflow/suction to remove airborne particulates, and integrated gloves to reduce PPP spread have been filed. Manufacturers are now creating units for resale based on current/ongoing patent-pending designs. 


ULTRAPREP™ FDA registered devices are Class 1 exempt, single use contianers for medications. Clinicians should follow all medication instructions when using our devices once they are commercially available.

By shifting skin prep outside the OR and into the patient holding area, one clinical trial on 114 patients proved to reduce extremity surgeries by 6-9 minutes/case. On short duration surgeries, this is a 10-20% increase in OR throughput potentially allowing more billable surgeries to be conducted per OR each day. Likewise, ending surgeries earlier could result in reduced hospital personnel/overtime costs. Further studies are planned to show exactly where cost savings and billing increases can be realized. OR nurses and doctors loved not having to lift extremities to do skin prep inside the OR! 

About Prep Tech

Prep Tech LLC, a Louisiana-based Company, has been issued six US Utility Patents with others pending on ULTRAPREP devices still under development, and currently unavailable for sale in the United States nor abroad. Prep Tech has a robust leadership team of experts in the medical community including a PhD Biomedical Engineer/Neurosurgeon (CMO), CRNA (CEO), Nuclear Pharmacist, Plastics Manufacturer (CTO), Orthopedic Surgeons, Podiatrists, Patent Attorneys, FDA Consultants and other Product Commercialization Professionals (COO). 

Please contact us to learn more about our current progress and developments. 

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