ULTRAPREP™ Increases Hospital Efficiencies


Prep Tech has been issued five US Utility Patents with others pending on devices still under development and currently unavailable for sale in the US.  Devices have the potential to contain liquids commonly used in the medical community while simultaneously isolating limbs from the external environment. Likely uses include military and EMS wound care, preoperative and postoperative wound care, home health wound care, and industrial first-aid. 

Trademarked as ULTRAPREP™, the product line has demonstrated promising results from a first clinical trial including reduced overall operating room time per surgery with equivalent efficacy as standard surgical site skin prep. This time savings potentially allows hospitals to conduct more surgeries per day/week in the same amount of time allocated for standard surgery case loads.  

Subsequent trials should authenticate specific productivity increase, cost savings and increased patient care.

About Prep Tech, LLC

Prep Tech is a Louisiana based company with a robust leadership team of experts in the medical community including a Biomedical Engineer PhD/Neurosurgeon, CRNA, Nuclear Pharmacist, Plastics Manufacturer, two Orthopedic Surgeons, Patent Attorneys, FDA Consultants and Marketing Experts. 

2018 Efficacy and Efficiency Clinical Trial - PROVEN SUCCESS! 

Surgeons operating on upper and lower extremities at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital were selected to participate in this study on 114 adult patients undergoing elective surgeries. Consenting patients were randomized into control (Conventional skin preparation technique) and treatment (use of ULTRAPREP skin preparation technique) groups. 


Prep Tech proved equivalent efficacy as standard skin preparation methods plus overall savings in skin preparation time of 6 minutes per surgery in the first cases and 8+ minutes in the latter surgeries. In some cases that was a 10-20% overall surgical time savings! 


Next Clinical Trial

The goal of a second clinical study planned for early 2020 will be to look more closely at the specific hospital efficiency increases while also measuring hard cost savings and other critical hospital KPI’s.

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