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ULTRAPREP™ patented designs bring huge benefits to healthcare facilities, nurses and physicians.

Simple Idea Solves Complex Problems

Mark Moore, a nurse anesthetist for over 30 years, had a novel idea while prolonging anesthesia during a leg surgery. The nurse was struggling to lift the heavy dead weight, dropped the leg and then had to re-lift, re-swab, and re-hold the leg in the air for the required 3+ minutes for the alcohol to dry.

Moore thought, “why didn’t we just soak the patient’s leg in a sealed bag containing chlorhexidine and alcohol in the OR holding area, then wheel him in when the doctor was ready”?

Clinical Results

Prep Tech is just finishing a clinical trial at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital on over 100 patients with amazing results. Check back to see our published data once all the time savings and other major benefits have been tallied.

Journey with us!

While waiting for FDA approval, we are open to test our patents in new ways with strategic grant and investment partners. Besides extremity and abdominal pre-Op skin prep, other options include post-Op wound care, home-health wound care, burn care, military and mass trauma triage (with integrated tourniquets), and industrial first-aid wound care.

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